Fecha: 05/09/2011
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Kill the Sun

1. "Kill the Sun"

2. "Mermaids"

3. "Ginger"

4. "She's Nirvana"

5. "Forever Yours"

6. "Casablanca"

7. "So You Disappear"

8. "Wisdom"

9. "Isis/Osiris"

10. "Calyx Virago"

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1. "Ravenheart"

2. "The Lioness"

3. "Back to the River"

4. "Eversleeping"

5. "Fire of Universe"

6. "Some Like It Cold"

7. "Answer"

8. "My Scarlet Name"

9. "Snow-White"

10. "Black Flame"

11. "Too Close to Breathe"

12. "Keep My Secret Well"

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1. "India"

2. "Now & Forever"

3. "In Love with the Darkness"

4. "Fight Me"

5. "Black and Silver"

6. "Like a Rose on the Grave of Love"

7. "Widescreen"

8. "The End of Every Story"

9. "Who We Are (and Who We Want to Be)"

10. "Dancer"

11. "Winterhearted"

12. "Return to India"

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The Seventh Veil

1. "Save My Life"

2. "Vampire"

3. "Beware"

4. "Emotional Man"

5. "Salomé"

6. "Only for the Stars in Your Eyes"

7. "Firestorm"

8. "A New Age"

9. "The Wind and the Ocean"

10. "Sisters of the Light"

11. "Sleeping Dogs Lie"

12. "On My Way"

[font="Times New Roman"]Now & Forever-Best of Xandria[/font]

"Now & Forever"


"Kill the Sun"

"In Love with the Darkness"


"Only for the Stars in Your Eyes"

"The End of Every Story"

"The Lioness"


"Save My Life"



"Some Like It Cold"

"Black Flame"

"Like a Rose on the Grave of Love"

"Sisters of the Light"

"Mermaids (Child Of The Blue)"

"Drown in Me"

"One Word"


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