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f118 - West Ida-Hoe

Starring/Actúan: Jessie Balboa & Josh West

f119 - The Rosetta Bone

Starring/Actúan: Jacob Lucha & Kyle Quinn

f120 - Brock, Paper Scissors

Starring/Actúan: Brock Russell & Tommy Defendi

f121 - Get a Piece of the Rokk

Starring/Actúan: Tony Rokk & Van Wilder

f122 - Thrill of the Chase

Starring/Actúan: Chase Austin & Hayden Richards

f123 - Ice, Nice, Baby!

Starring/Actúan: Caleb Colton & Ty Tucker

f124 - Arent's You Forgetting Something?

Starring/Actúan: Mario Costa & Shane Frost

f125 - Getting Ricky With It

Starring/Actúan: Alexander Greene & Ricky Larkin

f126 - Van-tastic)

Starring/Actúan: Steven Ponce & Van Wilder

f127 - In The Leon's Den

Starring/Actúan: Daniel Leon & Steven Verano

f128 - Street Cox

Starring/Actúan: Chris Cox & Cole Streets

f129 - Gimme Some Coxx

Starring/Actúan: Mason Coxx & Ridge Michaels

f130 - Big Mac

Starring/Actúan: John Mac

f131 - LaVere Thought of You

Starring/Actúan: Jacques LaVere & Travis Irons

f132 - Bigger Than That?

Starring/Actúan: Darius Suave & Matt King

f133 - Ordering In

Starring/Actúan: Alexander Greene & Hunter Van Heise

f134 - Know What Else Feels Good?

Starring/Actúan: Antonio Kava & Mario Costa

f135 - The Cuban Sausage Crisis

Starring/Actúan: Tony Tolete

f136 - My Little Cocksucker

Starring/Actúan: Daniel Leon & Girth Brooks

f137 - Cooking With Ass

Starring/Actúan: Cooker Stevens & Trey Turner

f138 - The Ass is Greener on the Other Side

Starring/Actúan: Alexander Greene & Brian Bonds

f139 - Diesel for President

Starring/Actúan: Diesel Washington

f140 - Hot Ass

Starring/Actúan: Drake Jaden & Sean Duran

f141 - Where's the soap?

Starring/Actúan: Marxel Rios & Tommy Defendi

r102 - Dad’s Bad Lad

Starring/Actúan: Feliz Andrews & Scott Alexander

r103 - The Erector Detector

Starring/Actúan: David Chase & Jimmy Fanz

r104 - Bilding Inspection

Starring/Actúan: Alexander Garrett & Jeremy Bilding

r105 - Wyson: Chicken Done Right

Starring/Actúan: Brenn Wyson & Cody Robbinson

r106 - Good Neighbor Policy

Starring/Actúan: Doug Jeffries & Patrick Hunter

r107 - Sonday West

Starring/Actúan: Josh West & Kevin Cavallie

r108 - Ready For Prime Time

Starring/Actúan: James Hamilton & Joe Parker

r109 - Dressed for Sex-cess!

Starring/Actúan: Tim Kelly

r110 - The Randy Daddy

Starring/Actúan: Brenn Wyson & Josh Long

r111 - The Boy Who Tried Wolfie

Starring/Actúan: Lucas Knowles & Wolfie Blue

r112 - Stallone Alone

Starring/Actúan: Fabio Stallone

r113 - Good Enough to Eat

Starring/Actúan: Adam Herst & David Chase

r114 - Love Me Wright

Starring/Actúan: Mitch Vaughn & Parker Wright

r115 - Nick-OH!

Starring/Actúan: Nicko Morales

r116 - Trey Me On For Size

Starring/Actúan: Jessie Colter & Trey Turner

r117 - Latin Heat

Starring/Actúan: Diego Vena & Nicko Morales

r118 - Stet’s Son

Starring/Actúan: Justin Cage & Patrick Hunter

r119 - What a Mitch!

Starring/Actúan: Mitch Vaughn

r120 - Spark it in the Rear

Starring/Actúan: Connor Patricks & Jason Sparks

r121 - Dick Delivery

Starring/Actúan: Andrew Blue & Angelo Marconi

r122 - Special Delivery

Starring/Actúan: Ricky Sinz & Tristan Sterling

r123 - Rush for Lunch

Starring/Actúan: Adam Star & Joe Parker

r124 - Hole Control

Starring/Actúan: Cole Streets & Drake Jayden

r125 - Italian Lessons

Starring/Actúan: Ethan Slade & Fabio Stallone

r126 - Glutton for Punishment

Starring/Actúan: Brenn Wyson & Sebastian Keys

r127 - Working It Out

Starring/Actúan: Angelo Marconi

r128 - Jocked & Loaded

Starring/Actúan: Brant Dickson & Joe Parker

r129 - Ready for Something!

Starring/Actúan: Jacques LaVere & Jessie Colter

r130 - Happy Anniversary Baby!

Starring/Actúan: Brian Bonds & Steven Ponce

r131 - Get on this Dick Now!

Starring/Actúan: Brenn Wyson & Sean Duran

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