Fecha: 07/02/2013

Title: Russian Institute Lesson 18: La Directrice XXX DVDRip 2013

Size: 1.75 Gb

Duration: 01:37:52

Format: Avi

Resolution: 1280 x 720

Welcome back to the Russian Institute, where the students are constantly horny, the teachers out of control, and the management particularly severe and vicious. The headmistress is a naughty dominatrix who rules the school with an iron hand. Fortunately, the students can rely on all the dicks around to fuck like crazy between lessons, and forget their problems in powerful orgasms.

When they're not fucking in their bedroom, Anna and Nasta Zya meet with the gardener and eagerly suck his dick before they offer him their horny pussies. Anna has a special taste for anal, and begs to be fucked in the ass... but no one can compete with the perverse headmistress, who enjoys punishing the rebellious students by handing them over to her studs, and loves to be fucked like a bitch,

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