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[size=24]SingStar Back to the 80s [/size]

[size=18]2011 EUR PS3-LiGHTFORCE 3.41-3.55 | 9.4 GB[/size]

[align=center]All of the glitz and glamour from one legendary decade have been bottled up and packed into SingStar Back to the '80s. So hunt out those shoulder pads, throw on some sunglasses and make sure your hair is as outrageous as possible - you're about to head back in time on PlayStation 3.[/align]

Each of the 30 tracks is accompanied by the artist's original video, so you certainly won't be lacking any inspiration for fashion or dance moves. Already mastered the look? Plug in your PlayStation Eye camera and press the Circle button on your wireless controller to check out how you look in action. Then, upload your performances and pictures to My SingStar Online or singstar.com.

It's really easy to find what you're looking for, just use the voice control function and say an artist's name into your wireless mic. There's also loads more tracks to download from the SingStore, so make sure you check it out and build an amazing collection of classic '80s tunes.

Grab your mic and get ready for some classic 80s hits.[/align] Relive iconic moments from a legendary decade, with 30 smash hits to sing along to, complete with their original videos. Get into the groove and take on your friends in great multiplayer challenges. Sign up to My SingStar Online, create your own profile and download even more great songs from the SingStore.[align=center]

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Release Date: 03-11-2011

Rhythm / Music

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fix to 3.41-3.55

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