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Windows 7 Loader v1.7.7 by Daz

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Windows 7 Loader creado por Daz, esta basado en el activador de Orbit30 y Hazar la diferencia principal esta en la optimización en el código de programación. Su función es la de activar windows 7 y obtener un sistema operativo original tanto de un sistema 32Bits como de 64Bits.

Para su correcto uso se recomienda aplicar en un sistema operativo limpio (es decir no actualizaciones), no requiere una KEY, el programa nos proporciona uno(omitir el paso de introducir KEY de 25 dígitos al instalar windows).

El activador solo trabaja con Windows Ultimate y Professional, ademas puede fácilmente activar Windows Vista SP2.

Historial de Cambios:

Latest – 1.7.7

* Fixed loader modes to stop system hangs

* Changed the way the loader is wrote to the partition (no more mounting)

Latest – 1.7.6

* Improved the encryption support

* Added Toshiba Professional serial

* Added support for Gigabyte

Latest – 1.7.5

* Removed the beta SLIC detection (caused crashes on 1.7.4)

* Added support for LG

* Added various new OEM SLP serials

Latest – 1.7.4

* Improved SLIC detection (still not tied to anything, it’s simply a BETA feature until I get more feedback)

* Fixed file write errors caused by version 1.7.3

* Added support for Server Standard R2

* Added support for FSC, Quanmax and Trigem

* Added various new OEM SLP serials

Latest – 1.7.3

* Improved free drive letter assignment

* Corrected some grammar

* Added random SLIC encryption support, this means everyones SLIC will have a unique encryption

* Added GRLDR file size randomization

* Added GRLDR v0.97-DAZ+SEC-R2. This is just a minor version to support the random encryption

* Added SLIC table detection (BIOS mod and software, it can tell the difference)

* Added support for Advent, Medion and Nokia

* Added various new OEM SLP serials

Latest – 1.7.2

* Added encrypted SLIC support

* Added random loader names

* Added byte differences (everyones GRLDR loader be byte for byte the same)

* Added a new GRLDR version (0.97) from zsmin (custom edition for my program)

* Added /norestart argument

* Added support for Windows 7 Home Basic (4 new keys)

Latest – 1.7.1

* Removed window transparency to fix a Windows 7 artifacts bug and improve responsiveness on older systems using onboard graphics

* Improved the “Custom menu.lst” loader option. It will now show all people using this setting the GRUB menu at system startup

* Upgraded some certificates to version 2.1

* Added a new GRLDR version (0.96) from zsmin (custom edition for my program)

* Added external SLIC support (read “How to add support.txt” for more info)

* Added support for BenQ and Sony machines

* Added support for Windows 7 Starter Edition

* Added various new OEM SLP serials

Latest – 1.7

* Removed the older loader

* Added loader mode options

* Changed the UI so that it’s now slightly transparent as well as resized to suit the new options

* Added Samsung support for Windows 7 Ultimate, Professional & Home Premium editions

* Improved internal resources security

Latest – 1.6.9

* Added amber as a color to the application integrity checking as well as a few tweaks to the existing code (you should still always check the displayed application path even when green)

* Cleaned up some code for better performance

* Added new GRLDR 0.94 from zsmin

Cambios Recientes:

* 1.6.5 — Improved profile matchupS (for matching a SLIC, certificate and serial)

* 1.6.5 — Added activation checking for Windows 7, Vista and Server 2008

* 1.6.5 — Added tokens checking for Windows 7 (alerts the user, repair is manual so that later on down the line this loader will never frankenbuild your system itself!)

* 1.6.5 — Added error handling should UAC fail to elevate the application

* 1.6.5 — Added Asus SLIC, certificate and Home Premium serial

* 1.6.5 — Added new GRLDR beta 0.93 from zsmin

* 1.6.6 — Fixed activation checking for non-english systems (This release is just to address confusion as to if a system is activated or not)

* 1.6.7 — Fixed Windows Vista activation status

* 1.6.7 — Added Windows 7 Enterprise editions as a supported OS, although you will need to wait for OEM SLP keys to leak

* 1.6.8 — Added application integrity checking. This is a new feature which will display you with information about how the application was launched when the mouse is hovered over the green or red icon. It’s goal is to inform you if you are running an untouched version of the application or one that could have been modified in some way by a kiddie. Of course green is the best result, if it’s red then be cautious as someone’s likely binded a trojan!



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