Fecha: 13/03/2008
Recopilacion de baladas metaleras por Dragondemon, la cual contiene una lista de 158 canciones. Se seleccionaron algunas de acuerdo a la letra, riffs y solos, y algunas simplemente por su letra o por su riffs.

Creo que es lo mejor que hay de baladas dentro del metal.

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AC_DC - Let Me Put My Love Into You.mp3

Agathodaimon - Body of clay.mp3

Alice Cooper - House of Fire.mp3

Alice Cooper - Poison.mp3

Amorphis - Fork of the North.mp3

Andarta - Protos.mp3

Angeles Del Infierno - Al Otro Lado Del Silencio.mp3

Angeles Del Infierno - Pensando En Ti.mp3

Angeles Del Infierno - Prisionero.mp3

Angeles Del Infierno -Si Tu No Estas Aqui.mp3

Angra - Stand Away.mp3

Angra - Wuthering Heights.mp3

Arkania - No Se Vivir Sin Ti.mp3

Avalanch - Antojo de un Dios.mp3

Avalanch - Papel Roto.mp3

Avalanch - Xana.mp3

Axel Rudi Pell - Heartbreaker.mp3

Axel Rudi Pell - July Morning (cover Uriah Heep).mp3


Axel Rudi Pell - Oceans of Time.mp3

Axel Rudi Pell - Silent Angel.mp3

Axxis - Hold You.mp3

Axxis - My Little Princess.mp3

Bathory - Fanfare.mp3

Black Sabbath - Born Again.mp3

Black Sabbath - I Won't Cry for You.mp3

Black Sabbath - Scarlet Pimpernel.mp3

Black Sabbath - The Shining.mp3

Blind Guardian - A Past And Future Secret.MP3

Borknagar - Om Hundrede Aar Er Alting Glemt.mp3

Boston - MoreThanAFeeling.mp3

Boston - TellMe.mp3

Diamond Head - In The Heat Of The Night.mp3

Dimmu Borgir - Fear and Wonder.mp3

Dimmu Borgir - Perfection or Vanity.mp3

Dio - Rainbow in the Dark.mp3

Dokken - Alone Again.mp3

Dokken - Breaking the Chains.mp3

Dokken - In My Dreams.mp3

Dokken - Into the Fire.mp3


Dokken - Walk Away.mp3

Dragon Force - Starfire.mp3

Dragonforce - Dawn Over a New World.mp3

Europe - Open Your Heart.mp3

Europe - Prisoners in Paradise.mp3

Europe - Sign of the Times.mp3

Falkenbach - Baldurs Tod.mp3


Haggard - Herr Mannelig.mp3

Haggard - Lost (Robin's Song).mp3

Haggard - Requiem In D-Minor.mp3

Heaven's Gate - Shadows.mp3

Helloween - 08 Follow the Sing.mp3

Helloween - In The Middle Of A Heartbeat.mp3

Holly Hell - The Phantom Of The Opera.mp3

Iced Earth - I Died For You.mp3

Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark.mp3

Iron Maiden - Infinite Dreams.mp3

Iron Maiden - Wasting Love.mp3


Judas Priest - Beyond the Realms of Death.mp3

Judas Priest - Blood Red Skies.mp3

Judas Priest - living bad dreams.mp3

Judas Priest - Night Comes Down.mp3

Judas Priest - Turbo Lover.mp3

Kamelot - A Sailorman's Hymn.mp3

Kiss - Love Gun.mp3

Lake of Tears - Eyes of the Sky.mp3

Lake of Tears - Upon the Highest Mountain.mp3

Luzbel - Contigo.mp3

Luzbel - Dejate ser.mp3

Magica - A Blood Red Dream.mp3

Magica - The Sun Is Gone.mp3

Magica - The Wish.mp3

Mago de oz - Duerme.mp3

Mago de Oz - desde mi cielo.mp3

Mago de oz - Dime con quien andas.mp3

Mago de oz - El Fin del Camino.mp3

Mago de oz - El Lago.mp3


Mago de oz - El templo del adios.mp3

Mago de oz - La danza del fuego.mp3

Mago de oz - Mago de Oz.mp3

Mago de oz - Maite Zaitut.mp3

Mago de oz - Maritornes.mp3

Mago de oz - Noche toledana.mp3

Mago de oz - Obertura MDXX.mp3


Mago de oz - STRANGE WORLD.mp3

Masterplan - When love comes close.mp3

MC Auley Schenker Group - What Happens To Me.mp3

McAuley Schenker Group - Follow The Night.mp3

Meridiam - Track 10.mp3

Meridiam - Track 4.mp3


Metallica - The Unforgiven.mp3

Nightwish - [Untitled].mp3

Nightwish - Come Over Me.mp3

Nightwish - Two For Tragedy.mp3

Nightwish - Walking In The Air.mp3


Rata Blanca - Cuando la Luz Oscurece.mp3

Rata Blanca - Leyenda del Hada y el Mago.mp3

Rata Blanca - Nada es facil sin tu amor.mp3

Rata Blanca - Noche sin sue¤os.mp3

Rata Blanca - Otoño Medieval.mp3

Rata Blanca -Por que es tan dificil amar.mp3

Ratt - Givin' Yourself Away.mp3

Rhapsody - Echoes of Tragedy.mp3

Rhapsody - Guardians Of Destiny (english version).mp3

Rhapsody - The Magic of the Wizard's Dream.mp3

Rhapsody - Virgin Skies.mp3

Saratoga - En Tu Cuerpo.mp3

Saratoga - Lejos de Ti (live).mp3

Savatage - Alone You Breathe.mp3



Saxon - Crusader.mp3

Saxon - Hold On.mp3

Saxon - Princess of the Night.mp3

Scorpions - Rhythm Of Love.mp3

Scorpions - 05 We'll Burn The Sky.mp3

Scorpions - 06 Suspender Love.mp3

Scorpions - Coast To Coast.mp3

Scorpions - I'm leaving you.mp3

Scorpions - In Trance.mp3

Scorpions - Living And Dying.mp3

Scorpions - Make it Real.mp3

Scorpions - No One Like You.mp3

Scorpions - Oh Girl (I Wanna Be With You).mp3

Scorpions - Send me an Angel.mp3

Scorpions - Still loving you.mp3

Scorpions - Walking On The Edge.mp3

Scorpions - You Give Me All I Need.mp3

Scorpions - Falling In Love.mp3

Skid Row - 18 and Life.mp3

Suidakra - And The Giants Dance....mp3

Testament - The Ballad.mp3

The darkness - Believe In A Thig Called Love.mp3


Diamon head - Run

Helix - never want to lose you

Helix - without you

Krokus - let this love begin

Riot - you burn in me

The darkness - Love Is Only A Feeling.mp3

Therion - Seawinds.mp3

Therion - The Fall Into Eclipse.mp3

Tierra Santa - El Amor de Mi Vida.mp3

Transmetal - Magnificent Hilight.mp3

Ufo - She's the one

Uriah Heep - Lady In Black.mp3

Vixen - love made me

Winger - Spell Im Under.mp3

Within Temptation - Another Day.mp3

Within Temptation - Restless.mp3

Yngwie Malmsteen - Blue.mp3

Yngwie Malmsteen - Crying.mp3

Yngwie Malmsteen - Judas.mp3

Yngwie Malmsteen - You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget.mp3

Zandelle - Eternal Love.mp3








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