Fecha: 29/08/2008

EasyWorship es un programa especialmente para iglesias que tienen proyectores de multimedia. Es muy bueno, completo y fácil de utilizar. Es capaz de desplegar canciones, versículos (incluye biblias), videos, mensajes de alertas para las personas, feedbacks, etc.

La computadora que se vaya a utlizar debe tener dos salidas de video, por que una señal va para el monitor principal y la otra es para el proyector.

Es muy completo y facil de utilizar, esta version viene con fondos y videoloops.


* Display and manage all of your media

* 100+ real time video transitions and cross fades

* Dual monitor display for distraction-free worship and events

* Overlay anti-aliased text on moving video at 30 fps

* Integrated support for DVD clip playback

* Integrated Powerpoint 97-2007 support

* Site license is standard (purchase one copy for multiple computers)

* Integrated interface with Song Select Lyric Service (download songs instantly into the EasyWorship song database)

* Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, and Vista supported

* Manage your songs, ures, videos and backgrounds in an easy to use database

* Optimal display quality with shadows and outlined text at the same time

* Build and save a schedule for an event or service, and/or quickly locate unscheduled media on the fly

* Display MPG1, MPG2, AVI, DV, WMF, WMV video formats

* Control sound levels, looping and navigation of AVI and videos within Easyworship

* KJV, ASV, RVA Bible versions standard with instant search and display capability

* Additional Bible Versions available ( NIV, NLT, NKJV, NASB, AMP, RVR, and more)

* Customize song attributes including saving videos, images, color gradients, and captured feeds as backgrounds resident in that song

* Copy, Cut , Paste features of Windows for editing text

* Customize backgrounds for text to appear in specified locations including camera feeds

* Navigate a scheduled service with mouse or hot key navigation or remote

* Ability to jump out of a Power Point presentation, project a ure(s) and with one click be right back in your Power Point presentation!

* Overlay text on captured feeds, e.g. cameras, DVD and VHS players, Mixers etc. and preview those feeds

* Nursery Alert customizable for on screen display with multiple numbers

* Scrolling Message Alert with priorities and customizable banners

* Auto Formatting feature of New Song Editor for quick hassle free song creation

* Global Font Height Customization for consistent text appearance

* Rich Collection of 70+ images and 20+ videos ( add as many as you wish)

* Easy to learn, easy to use - point, click and project your media!